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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
August 21, 2018

The Grizzly Bear's Barista

The Shifters of Sanctuary, Book 3
For every storm a rainbow awaits.

When Rainbow Mason opened her coffee shop Mug Shots in Sanctuary it was a dream come true. A place of her own to use her degree and build a life for her and her son, Stevie. Raised by her grandmother on a commune in Northern California, Bow was a free spirit. She had no illusions that she was different from the other residents of the small Montana town. Her outsides definitely matched her insides. Good thing sexy and scarred Storm Brightman, an ex-Navy SEAL and The Sanctuary’s new construction foreman didn’t seem to mind.

The universe taught Storm Brightman he wasn’t meant to hold onto the good things. He’d lost his family at an early age. During his last mission he’d lost his friends and his career. After his medical discharge from the Navy he struggled to find another place where he belonged. Even after all the tragedy it wasn’t in him to give up. He didn’t know what to expect when he accepted the job at The Sanctuary, it certainly wasn’t finding his mate. He may have survived multiple losses in his life, but Storm knew he wouldn’t survive losing Rainbow and her son. Should he claim his mate and family? Would history repeat itself and rip them away? Or would the universe let him keep this one perfect thing?

NOTE: Intended for readers over the age of 18.

"Lovely characters and a well developed plot make this book one of the best I’ve read in a long time." - Kindle Reviewer Miriam

"I love this book. I love how it makes you feel special and love how unique you are. That it is ok to dance to our own beat and give the middle finger to who ever has a problem with it." - Kindle Reviewer Kindle Customer

"Totally captivated by Bow and Storm. This is definitely a can't miss story for anyone who is looking for a lift. Kasey Belle brings a great view point we should all have. I loved this story." - Kindle Reviewer Carrie

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Story Excerpt

It was their fourth date. Stevie had joined them once again. Bow’s regular babysitter had come down with a case of food poisoning. Instead of calling Nikki or Ella at the last minute, Storm loaded his mate and cub in the car, drove to Missoula, cancelled their reservation at the steakhouse, and took them out for pizza. Afterward they hit up the putt-putt course and arcade.

Stevie was still wide awake when they returned home. Home. Wherever Bow and Stevie were, was certainly home to Storm. His mate was reading a bedtime story to Stevie which left Storm time to work himself up into a good old-fashioned freak out.
Storm paced the confines of Bow’s tiny living room. He’d never been so nervous in his life which was saying something considering he and his team dropped themselves into the jungle on the regular. Stuff was supposed to happen on fourth dates, wasn’t it? Like telling your mate that you’re a bear shifter and if you don’t claim her soon you were going to lose your mind? Damn. He wanted Bow so bad. His bear was losing patience.

His ears picked up her light footsteps. He threw himself on to the sofa and tried his best to act casual while his insides churned with uncertainty. “Is Stevie asleep?

“Yes.” She responded with a smile and joined him on the sofa. She didn’t seem to notice his inner turmoil. “He told me to tell you thanks again for today.”

He wrapped and an arm around her shoulders and tucked her into his side. “It was my pleasure. I would have spent every penny I had just to see the smiles on both your faces.” Storm kissed her temple taking the opportunity to breathe in her delicious scent.

“You say the sweetest things.” Rainbow ducked her head, but he didn’t miss the blush that heated her face.

“Do it, Storm,” Bear commanded.

He blew out a breath. “We need to talk.”


Storm could have kicked himself when he saw worry overtake her expression.

“Dude. Seriously?” Bear huffed in exasperation. “What are you a fucking amateur?
Those four words are not the best way to start a conversation. People always assume it ends with it’s not you, it’s me.” Bear shook his head.

“I know. I know. Shit.” Storm rushed to reassure his mate. “It’s nothing bad, but it is straight out of science fiction.”

Bow’s face scrunched up, and she cocked her head. “Huh?”

He should just say it. Like he was ripping of a band-aid. Just put his secret out there and hope she didn’t freak out too badly. That was the best way, right? Probably not, but he didn’t really have another plan and bear wasn’t being very helpful.

“Opening up your mouth and telling her is the plan, ass.”

Storm did just that. “I’m a shifter. A bear shifter to be exact, and you are my mate.”

Bow blinked then said, “Oh.”

“That’s it? Oh?” He cocked his head and looked at her as if she had grown a second head. “No, you’re full of shit? No running for the hills? No get the fuck out of my house, crazy psycho?”

Rainbow grinned. Her cornflower eyes twinkled with merriment. “I guess I can let you in on my little secret, now that you’ve told me yours.

Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.