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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
Released: December 1, 2017

Mating Mal

Mal & Nick
An emergency phone call in the middle of the night.
A shifter in need of an enforcer escort to pack land.
Mal’s only thought follow orders and protect his charges at all costs.

His sister and brother-in-law brutally murdered.
His nephew Leo orphaned and hunted.
Nick’s only thought follow the plan and protect Leo at all costs.

Over the past couple of years, Copper Creek Pack Enforcer Malcolm Creed has watched his cousins and brothers find their mates. Sure he’s happy for them, but their mated bliss only exacerbates Mal’s loneliness. He’d do anything to avoid his depressing existence, even mount a midnight rescue mission to Louisiana.

Nicholas Speer always dreamed of having a mate, but never thought it possible. Growing up, his former alpha didn’t allow same sex matings. Plus, hiding out in the middle of Nowhere USA isn’t exactly conducive to meeting one’s soulmate.

Mal and Nick’s lives couldn’t have been more different, but their souls were always
fated to be bound forever. And The Fates will not be denied. When Nick’s ruthless uncle refuses to give up his relentless pursuit, their only choice is to take a stand and protect their family.

Note: This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for readers
over 18. In case it wasn’t clear by the description this is a MMromance.

"The high ratings for this author and series as well as this book are well deserved. Once I picked this one up, I couldn't put it down, what a nice surprise!"
Amazon reviewer Daniel

"What an amazing well written story, this series is wonderful. I love the depth of the characters and the bonds that form amongst them. Was so excited to read Mal's story and she did not disappoint. This story was intense with just the right amount of steam." Amazon reviewer Annamarie
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Story Excerpt

Mal knocked on the hotel room door. It opened immediately and once again the sight and scent of his mate filled his soul. Nick Speer was in a word beautiful. His lips broke into a wide grin. Nick had washed his face and applied fresh liner. Damn he was hot.

Nick worried his lip. “I know packing liner in with your survival gear isn’t a thing, but I like it. I like how I feel when I wear it.”

“I like it, too. A lot.” Mal cupped Nick’s cheek. His heart swelled when his Nico didn’t hesitate to nuzzle his palm. He suddenly found it hard to breathe. Mal groaned, the heady fragrance of his mate’s need overwhelming his common sense. He’d promised himself he wouldn’t molest his mate again. Well at least until they got back to the ranch and had some privacy. Fuck it. Mal used both hands and tilted his mate’s head to one side and slanted his mouth over Nick’s. Mal ran his tongue purposefully across Nick’s upper lip until he was granted entry into the warm, wet cavern of his mate’s mouth. Sweeping his tongue inside, Mal brushed against Nick’s tongue and explored the recesses of the man’s mouth. His eyes slid closed as the relished the feel of his mate in his arms. He’d waited a lifetime for Nick Speer.

Nick’s slighter body moved closer to his, melding against him. Nick wasn’t muscular like Mal, but he did have definition. Nick’s body was softer to the touch and more delicate than Mal’s. Each curve of Nick’s body made Mal’s pulse pound. He found he liked it more than touching someone muscular like himself which were Mal’s usual hookups. The mate in Mal’s dreams always had a slight build. Mal could never bring himself to choose a casual partner that was smaller than him. It would feel as if Mal were substituting them for the real thing.

Mal ran his hands over Nick’s perfect body. His skin was so soft, he was lean in all the right places, and hard just where he should be. Like the cock currently rubbing against Mal’s thigh. By the Fates, the base of Nick’s spine curved into the tightest ass Mal had ever had the pleasure to grab and squeeze. He groaned. Nick’s rounded globes fit into his hands like they were made just for him. He smiled against Nick’s lips when he realized they had been. Mal jolted when Leo squealed with laughter. With a groan, he reluctantly pulled away from his mate’s mouth. Nick’s eyes were half lidded as he panted lightly between his parted lips. Mal stroked his thumb over Nick’s kiss-swollen lips and shot a glance at Leo who was tucked into his car seat and grinning up at them. “That kid has the worst timing.”

Nick blinked and snorted a laugh. “Right?”

“By the Fates, you’re beautiful.” Mal whispered as he studied Nick’s face.

The most delightful smile spread across Nick’s lips and his face flushed with color. “No one’s ever called me beautiful before.”

“Then they were both blind and stupid because you’re gorgeous.”

Mal’s wolf sat tall with possessive satisfaction. “Good thing too. Now we don’t have to kill anyone.”


He took a deep breath to clear his lust fogged mind. “I guess we should get this show on the road.”

Nick nodded. “Yeah.” He cleared his throat clearly suffering the same issue as Mal. Nick glanced over his shoulder.  “I don’t know how happy Leo will be. He’s never ridden in a car for as many hours as it will take to get to Copper Creek. Last night was easy, because it was his bedtime and he slept the whole way.”

“We’ll take it slow and stop when Leo needs us to. No worries.” Mal picked up Nick’s duffle and the baby bag and slung both of them over his left shoulder.

Nick grabbed the handle on the car seat and carried Leo. He shot Mal a grateful smile as he walked past him and out the door.
Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.