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Published:  April 26, 2016
Healing Cathy
Paul & Cathy
Two years ago, Catherine O’Brien took her son, Luke, and ran from her abusive husband.  Now her ex is out of prison and looking for her, her only option is to run, again.  Cathy turns to her friend Fiona for help and heads to the one place her ex will never find her, the Double C Ranch.

When Copper Creek County Sheriff Paul Creed, envisioned his mate, he foresaw a trained submissive, in need of his brand of dominance.  He never imagined the Fates would choose the gorgeous, curvy red-head, with haunted, violet eyes, who suffered years of abuse, at the hands of a violent ex. A mate who fears his lifestyle.   In order to win her heart, Paul must earn her trust, show her, that her submission is a cherished gift.

Cathy wants Sheriff Paul Creed, but his need for
dominance scares her.  Paul swears she will only experience care, love, and pleasure, under his hands.  Can she trust him or would accepting Paul mean exchanging one hell for another? Is it possible for an abuse survivor to heal and find love under a Dominant? Does she have the courage to try?

NOTE:  Contains adult subject matter and scorching scenes of a sexual nature, including BDSM this book is not suited for readers under 18.

"Absolutely loved this one as well another five starts from me. I absolutely love all of the characters but Emma grace is something special and super sassy."
Amazon reviewer Sharee

"This book is well written, even while touching on very sensitive subjects that can be hard to really get onto paper. What I really liked is there wasn't an instant "fix" with Cathy suddenly being all "fine". Paul and Cathy developed their relationship based on trust and this was great." Amazon reviewer Bookobsessed

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Story Excerpt

The longer Cathy walked, the angrier, at herself, she became. Jesus. What was she going to do? Fiona was pregnant. Cathy couldn’t stay here. How could she have been so selfish? Jamie could have called in a few favors and hid her, or checked her into a hotel in the middle of Nowhere, USA. But that wasn’t what Cathy wanted. No, she had to go running to Fiona, because she didn’t want to be alone, face him alone. Instead of thinking where can I hide? Cathy should have been thinking, what if, Bud found her and harmed Fiona?? What if, Bud took his rage out on Emma Grace? Now she could add, what if, Fiona lost her baby?

She and Luke would leave tonight after everyone was in bed. All she had to do was figure out how to leave, without one of them following her. Without Paul following her or locking her up. She knew he would do it, to protect, even from her from herself. It’s what any good sheriff would do. Yeah, and the fact that he’s your mate has nothing to do with it. All that mate stuff wouldn’t matter if she could make him hate her. If she could convince him, she wasn’t worth it. He would tell the others. She almost doubled over, as pain sliced through her belly, at the thought of losing him, them, she corrected, any of them.

A plan formed in her mind as she closed the distance to the pack house. She would tell him, the kind of life he wanted, wasn’t for her. He wanted permanent, and she didn’t do permanent. He wanted a sub. She would never be at another man’s mercy, again. He wanted her as his mate, and that would probably lead to marriage. She sure as shit wasn’t doing that, again. Yes, that’s it. He was asking too much from her. He was asking things, she couldn’t and wouldn’t give.

Cathy walked up the back deck steps, to the double French doors that opened, into the kitchen. She placed her palm on her abdomen and tried to calm her churning stomach. She gathered her resolve. She didn’t want this. She didn’t want him. She didn’t need them. She could do this. She had to do this.

She went in search of Luke. Unfortunately, she found him sound asleep on the couch, with Paul. Her resolve faltered at the sight the two of them made. The scene before her was something she wished for, all those years ago. A wish she thought she would fulfill with Bud. Luke’s head on Paul’s thigh, Paul with a protective arm around her boy’s shoulder, and both of them looking peaceful.

Paul’s head tilted to the side as he studied her. “What’s wrong?”


He leaned back and spread his arms out on the back of the sofa. “Why are you mad?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not going to dignify that with a response. We both know what I mean.” He crossed his arms over his wide chest. His biceps bulged beneath his T-shirt sleeves. “Your face is paler than normal and your hands are shaking. I can feel and smell the fear and anger emanating from you.”

Shit! Cathy crossed her arms over her chest, mimicking his pose. “Why can’t you leave it alone? Is this what it’s going to be like? If, I accept you as my mate. You always telling me how I feel because you can smell my emotions. Always demanding I talk to you? I won’t ever have any privacy.”

“Get used to it, kitten. I am your mate. Your well-being is my top priority. Now, answer me,” he demanded.

She hissed, “You are such an… an… ass.”

“I certainly can be, so I won’t deny that.” Paul gently removed Luke’s head from his lap and rose to his feet. The way his muscles rippled, as he moved towards her, made her blood sing. Was it hot in here? He stood a foot from her, hands on his hips, and his voice cool. “I’m waiting.”

This was not working out like she planned. Why couldn’t he get angry and tell her to stop being a bitch? It would make this so much easier. It would be the proof she needed that this whole mate thing wasn’t for her. But no, he had to be all calm and rational. Ass! Cathy threw her hands up and stomped out of the room.

Paul stopped her with a gentle hand on her forearm before she ascended the stairs. He turned her to face him, his eyebrows furrowed, and his jaw set in determination. “Tell me what happened. You were fine earlier.”

“How do you know that? You weren’t here.”

“I asked. Why are you angry?”

She blurted out the question, she swore, she would never ask out loud. Obviously, her mouth never got that memo. “Why do you want me?”

“You’re my mate.”

“So, it’s some kind of magic scent thing? That’s the only reason?”

“I want every part of you, including your scent and whatever this is.” He waved his hand between them. "Why are you angry?”

Because my life sucks. Because my ex-husband wants to kill me. Because I want so much, but I will never have it. “Why would the Fates pick me for you? I don’t live a charmed life. I don’t have hundreds of adoring family members. I’m a nobody. I’m damaged and… fat! I mean look at you!” Cathy waved her hand in a sweeping motion, up and down his delectable body.

He growled and moved towards her, instinct had her backing up. She stopped when her foot hit the bottom step, but Paul kept moving towards her. It shocked her when Paul grabbed her and cradled her, in his arms. She flung her arms around his shoulders, afraid he would drop her. He held her tight, to his chest.

He sighed and said, “That’s better.”

“Paul, put me down. I am far too heavy for you to carry around like a child. You are going to throw your back out or get a hernia or something.”

He growled, again. When was she ever going to learn to keep her mouth shut? She instinctively knew he wouldn’t hurt her. If she thought for a minute, it was a possibility, she would be fighting like a wild cat, to get free. She looked into his eyes and saw anger, indignation, and something else she couldn’t name.She lowered her eyes, unable to hold her gaze any longer.

Paul didn’t say a word. He carried her up the stairs, to her bedroom. His silence was unnerving. He sat on the side of the bed and had her flipped over his lap before she could even utter a protest or fight off his actions.

“I warned you did I not? I said I wouldn’t tolerate you speaking badly about yourself. Remember?” He moaned as he ran his hand over her jean clad ass. “Fuck, that’s nice.”

Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.