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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
November 27, 2018

Finding His Family

The Shifters of Sanctuary, Book 6
Social Worker Calypso Caldwell, also known to her family as the girl who sullied the Caldwell name with her career choice and disinterest in wealth and status. Callie’s job leads her to three special children, newly orphaned hybrid shifters Emmarie Bennett and her younger siblings Lula and Sage. Callie tries her best to keep them together. When Emmarie realizes this isn’t possible, she takes her siblings and runs. Callie doesn’t think the authorities are taking their disappearance seriously and conducts her own investigation. The information she uncovers leads her to Sanctuary, Montana where she finds the children and so much more.

Matthew Stone, Black River Pack’s resident mischief maker, is all grown up. Even though he’s matured, he’s still up for any challenge, especially if it has to do with his family. Including help his Uncle Koda harbor three tiny fugitives. The Bennett siblings stole Matt’s heart with a single look, much like the woman who shows up looking for them.

Matt definitely learned what not to do after witnessing the men who’ve come before him stubbornly fight their fate. He swore when he found his mate, he’d immediately claim his destiny. Unfortunately, Calypso Caldwell has other ideas. Matt has met his match in the Maine Coon shifter who shares her name with a goddess. He’s willing to wait for her if it means he’ll have the one thing he’s always wanted: A family of his own.

This might be my favorite book of the series. There are so many moments of tears and joy and each one I felt as if I was there. Amazon Reviewer Sydney

Wonderful story. This invoked so many feelings. I loved the characters. I think Kasey Belle did a fantastic job portraying foster care. My favorite book in series.-Amazon Reviewer Melissa

A heartwarming story about finding the missing parts in your life. Loved it! - Amazon Reviewer J Hendricks
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Story Excerpt

Matt waited until Emmarie was inside to speak. “Thank you for calling me.”

“I know how much you love them. They feel the same.” Matt couldn’t help but smile.

“You’ve pretty much adopted each other. I wouldn’t leave you out.”

“What did Nikki say?”

“She said Ms. Caldwell only wants what is best for the children.”

What the hell did that even mean? “You don’t believe that includes us?”

“I don’t know. Nikki seems to think so.” Koda blew out a heavy sigh. “It’s not that I don’t trust Nikki’s judgement. I do. But…”

“You want to see for yourself.”

“Exactly. I’m their alpha.”

They watched Nikki’s new, mid-size SUV approach followed by a nondescript sedan. Matt figured it was a rental. Nikki parked beside Matt and Ms. Caldwell pulled in next to her.

“Wait here,” Koda ordered before he walked over to the social worker’s driver-side door.

Nikki joined Matt where he leaned against the bed of his truck. “That’s Ms. Caldwell,” she murmured. “The social worker.”

“I heard.”

She nodded. “Figured he’d call you. Those children trust you more than anyone.”

Did Matt puff out his chest a little at Nikki’s declaration? Maybe.

Koda opened Ms. Caldwell’s car door and stepped back so she could climb out. Damn. She was a short thing. Matt’s breath caught when he finally got a good look at Callie Caldwell.

“Matt,” Koda called out as they made their way over to him and Nikki. “This is the social worker we told you about. Callie Caldwell my nephew Matthew Stone.”

Matt nodded. His brain momentarily dumbstruck. Callie Caldwell reminded him of a young Elizabeth Taylor. In other words, she was beautiful with a capital G for gorgeous with big dark blue eyes, lush red lips, and perfect bone structure. Her thick dark hair was cut to chin length. He was pretty sure the style was called a bob. The brown locks were pushed back from her face by a wide headband reminiscent of Ms. Taylor in Suddenly, Last Summer.

Ah, young Elizabeth Taylor. He’d developed a crush on the actress after watching an old black and white film with his grandfather. He’d indulged his grandfather’s love of old films, especially westerns because he’d enjoyed spending time with him. When Matt was ten he sat on the sofa next to him to watch his granddad’s bad boy idol James Dean in Giant. Matt wasn’t too impressed with the film until a dark-haired beauty appeared on the screen, then he was hooked. He’d asked his grandfather who she was and learned her name was Elizabeth Taylor. After that day, he requested they watch every film she ever made before 1970. Matt enjoyed them to this day.

Like Ms. Liz, Callie Caldwell’s body was every man’s pin-up girl wet dream fantasy. She wore a tight cream-colored sweater and skinny jeans that accentuated her slim, curvy figure. Her tiny feet were crammed into a pair of camel UGG boots. She was adorable, sexy, and… he inhaled. She smelled like strawberries. She smelled like… no. Matt’s mouth fell open. His.

“Mate!” his wolf howled. “Ours.”

Matt shook his head. He should have known the universe would give him a mate that indulged his ultimate fantasy woman.

Callie Caldwell stood a few feet from him. Her beguiling eyes met his. When she scented the air around them her pupils dilated, and a predatory smirk crossed her face. Oh, yeah. His mate was a hellcat. No pun intended.

They both stood their ground, sizing the other up.

“What’s happening?” Casey asked in a harsh whisper.

He jumped. Matt hadn’t noticed she’d joined them.

“Mate,” Matt responded without looking away from Callie. He wasn’t sure if he moved first, if she did, or if they both moved at the same time, but the next thing Matt knew, Callie was in his arms and they were kissing. She not only smelled like strawberries, she tasted like them too. He couldn’t get enough of her. A couple of sighs and a soft giggle that could only belong to Casey erupted around him reminding Matt they weren’t alone.
Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.