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Loving Raven

Oz-Vegas Trilogy: Book 2

Release: June 14, 2019

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Choosing Simon
Oz-Vegas Trilogy, Book 1

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Don’t dream your life. Live your dream.

Nine years ago, Simon Maddox gave up everything when he chose to follow his own path over the one his wealthy parents planned for him. Following his dream was the best decision Simon ever made. Today he’s an award-winning pastry chef, internationally recognized for his intricately detailed creations that resemble art more than food.

Now if Miguel Garcia, the man he’d crushed on for years, would fall madly in love with him… Simon’s life would be perfect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if that will ever happen.

Firefighter Miguel Garcia has a secret. Revealing his truth could cost Miguel his family’s love and the respect and loyalty of his co-workers. Are love and loyalty worth keeping if it means he must continue denying his attraction to a sexy pastry chef who always smells like chocolate?

Miguel has two choices: Live his life for others or choose Simon. He had a feeling the sexy man is worth the risk. All Miguel had to do was find the courage to take it before it’s too late.

Note: Choosing Simon is a low-angst, sexy, HEA, male/male romance. It contains adult situations that may not be suitable for readers under 18.
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Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.