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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
September 25, 2018

A Purrfect Twist of Fate

The Shifters of Sanctuary, Book 4

Danika Paulson thought she’d found her fairy tale. She thought wrong. Her marriage ended up being a living a nightmare with no chance of escape. Until, a stranger knocked on her door and offered her sanctuary. Danika gained her freedom and a new start for herself and her son, Jack. She vowed to never tie herself to another man, again. It wasn’t worth the risk. Racine Kingston, the new veterinarian at Ella's clinic, has her rethinking her stance on happily ever after. Could he really be as perfect as he seemed?

Racine Kingston knows loneliness. He also knows finding his mate is the cure. However, after a lifetime of searching for the one woman meant for him, he figured the odds of finding her now were slim. Not every shifter is blessed with a gift of fate. When he heard about the position at Black River Clinic through the shifter gossip grapevine, Race jumped at the chance to leave L.A. He never imagined all he needed was a change of scenery in order to find his mate. All he had to do was convince the sweet, damaged woman to take a chance on him.

Race fears for Danika and Jack’s safety, when her old life returns to Sanctuary. When it tries to reclaim her, it’s up to Race and the Shifters of Sanctuary to save one of their own.

"This book was a great edition to the series. Loved Race and Danika and the chemistry they put out. I couldn't put it down and read it all in one sitting. I love when the bad guy gets his and there's a HEA, so this book was perfect for me." Amazon Reviewer - Kathleen

"Finally sweet heroine Danika gets a chance at true love. We were introduced to Danika previously in series as a survivor of domestic violence. As she and her son Jack heal they meet fated mate and lion shifter Race who suffers from survivor syndrome of his own as a former soldier. This is a short and sweet romance and second chance at a happy life for all." Amazon Reviewer - Melissa

"I hope this not The end of Sanctuary? I love all the characters. Their spirits were all high. Danika could be my heroine any day. Take that Jack Sr. Race was really a hot throb along with the other men. Don't or won't pick my favorite couple." Amazon Reviewer - Kindle Customer

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Story Excerpt

Race ran his fingers through Zeus’s fur as they bounced along in the Humvee. Smooth paved roads and the suspension system in his SUV were among the long list of things he missed during his deployment. Oh, and air conditioning. Yeah, he seriously missed riding in a car with a/c, the radio blaring to his favorite alt rock bands, and a large coke from McD’s in the cupholder because the fast-food chain had the best ice.

The convoy pulled to a stop just outside the village they were tasked with inspecting. There were a few locals still living there, but most had fled when the fighting drew closer. The buildings were in various stages of damages. Some nothing but rubble. Some pock marked by shrapnel and bullet holes. Others completely unharmed. Rumors were the Taliban had a weapons cache in one of the buildings it would be up to Zeus to find it. But first, the K9 would sniff out any IED’s waiting for them along the way.

Race never blamed the innocent civilians for giving in to the Taliban. The locals were threatened with unspeakable acts of violence if they didn’t comply. Do what we say, or we’ll rape your daughters and wives and torture your sons. What choice did the civilians have? Most of them weren’t armed, so they had no way to fight. To protect themselves and their children they had to look the other way. The locals would much rather face the wrath of the allied forces instead of their own people. Race couldn’t argue with their logic. He’d seen what happened when you crossed the Taliban. It wasn’t pretty.

Race climbed out of the vehicle with Zeus following close behind him. He pulled out the collapsible bowl and gave his partner some water. Zeus eagerly lapped up every drop.

“Kingston,” the captain barked in an abrupt tone. Race wasn’t sure the man knew how to speak any other way. “Is Zeus ready?”

“Yes, sir.” Race moved until he was standing in front of the man. Zeus sat at his feet.


Captain Carter nodded and flicked his gaze to Zeus. “Give us five then get Zeus moving.”

“Yes, sir.”

Race kneeled in the dirt and scratched Zeus behind the ears. He looked into the dog’s big golden-brown eyes. “Good boy, Zeus.”

Zeus jerked his head as if saying, yeah, I know. Hell, he probably was. The German Shepherd was smart as fuck and one hell of a Marine. The dog was everything to Race. They’d been together for a few years. They slept together, shared MRE’s and tears, in other words, they spent every hour together. Zeus saved his life, and that of his fellow soldiers more times than Race could count. He made Race proud.

“Alright, buddy. We’ve done this a thousand times. What’s one more, right? Time to get to work.” He motioned the signal and Zeus promptly went into work mode.

Zeus took off down the road with his nose to the ground. If there was an IED, Zeus would find it. Zeus would search the road then the area surrounding the buildings then they would move in. Once Zeus identified the cache they were looking for, he’d gain access to the building itself and search that too. Then Race and his unit would move in. Dogs like Zeus saved the lives of the men and women they served with. Zeus himself was responsible for sniffing out countless IEDs and other explosive devices meant to kill US and allied forces.

Zeus was an SSD. Specialized Search Dog. SSD’s were a special class of dogs trained to work off leash at long distances from their handler in order to find explosives. Zeus worked by hand signal or by receiving commands via the radio receiver he wore on his back. Race used his radio and gave Zeus a command.

Zeus’s stepped stuttered to a stop and cocked his head for a moment. Race thought the dog may have found something, but he never gave the indicating bark. Moments later Zeus started working his way up the road again.

The explosion knocked Race off his feet. The impact of his back against the hard-packed dirt pushed the breath from his lungs. Fuck that hurt. He sucked in air trying to gain his bearings. Zeus? Where was Zeus? He radioed Zeus and waited. No barking. No Zeus. He called for him again scanning the area for any sign of the dog. There wasn’t one. Until, the smoke and debris finally cleared.

“No.” Tears filled Race’s eyes, but he valiantly blinked them away.

He scrambled to his feet and took off running. The men in his unit shouting after him to stop before he got himself killed. Race ignored them. His sole focus on his fallen partner. He slid to a stop on his knees. Zeus’s body was a mess. He knew before he pressed an ear to the dog’s chest that the wounds had been fatal. Nothing. Not even a flutter. Race closed his eyes as overwhelming grief swamped him.

A sob broke free. Race ran a hand over Zeus’s head. “I’m so sorry, buddy.”

Lion’s roar filled Race’s mind as he too mourned their canine partner. “He was a good dog. I will miss him.”

Race slid his arms under Zeus’s lifeless body and picked him up. “Time to go home.” He cradled his fallen friend to his chest and kissed the tip of his snout. This would be the last time they’d shed blood together. Their last walk together. “Don’t worry about me. Doggy heaven is an awesome place. There’re endless supplies of bacon treats and chew toys on the other side of the rainbow bridge.” Race valiantly blinked his tears away, but the pain in his chest remained. “Good boy, Zeus.”

Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.