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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
Released: December 1, 2017

A Perfect Fated Christmas

Copper Creek Family
The Pack is back! Only this time they aren’t protecting those they love or facing evil together. Your favorite mated couples and throuples are celebrating a holly jolly Christmas, Copper Creek style.

In this 30k novella, there’s plenty of love, merriment, and sexy times to be had on the Double C. Declan, Cade, and Fiona get an early Christmas present, and an old friend stops by for a visit. Plus, catch a glimpse at what a couple of giant marshmallows disguised as security experts may be up to in the future.

NOTE: Intended for readers over the age of 18.

"What a sweet story - especially Fiona's early Christmas present and the surprise from her mates. Loved catching up on the holiday plans for the families."
Amaxon reviewer lovemonkeys

"It's Christmas time in Copper Creek. This is a wonderful novella that lets us catch up with our favorite shifters. Loved this book and all the Copper Creek family."
Amazon reviewer Melissa

Story Excerpt

Declan shook his head and grinned with amusement. Fiona and her OCD―Obsessive Christmas Disorder. This was their second Christmas together as a family and his mate’s need for perfect ornament and decoration placement still shocked and amazed him.

Every branch was given a number plus letter code and every ornament―which Fee stored in special containers so each had its own compartment―was marked with the corresponding code for the branch it was to be hung from. Oh, and sweet hell, let’s not forget the lights. The look of horror on her face when she’d found his strands of colored lights last year never failed to make him laugh. Fiona refused to use what she called multi-colored chaos in, on, or around the house. Only white twinkling perfection for his love.

Cade chuckled. “Fiona really needs to seek professional help before she passes her craziness on to our daughter.”

“Mommy?” Emma Grace asked. “Where is my new ornament going again?”

Fiona pointed to the schematic. “Right here.”

“Oh, that’s the perfect place,” Emma Grace praised and clutched her hands to her chest. Their little girl certainly had a flair for the dramatic. “Everybody will be able to see it. You have to teach me how to do this when I’m a grown up. Huh, Mommy?”

Cade groaned and covered his eyes with his hand. “We’re too late,” his brother muttered. “The Emperor and the dark side already has her.”

Fiona flipped Cade the bird behind her back. Declan snorted a laugh. He should have known she knew they were watching her. Their mate didn’t miss much.

His brother snickered. “I love that woman.”

Emma Grace picked up her ornament and carefully peeled the tissue paper away. She took the thin loop of gold thread between her fingers and held the miniature grand piano up allowing the smooth crystal to catch the light. “It’s so pretty. Isn’t it, Mommy?”

“It is, cher.”

It truly was, Declan thought. Fiona agonized over Googled pages upon pages of ornaments until she finally stumbled on a website for an auction house in the UK and saw the image for the gold plated and Swarovski crystal vintage ornament up for bid. Fiona made sure she won by spending a small fortune on the rare collectible item. Declan wasn’t complaining. Anything that put a smile on his little girl’s face was priceless. They used an engraver recommended by the antique dealer and had Emma Grace’s name and the year engraved on it before shipping it with special instructions. The ornament was the reason Fiona was running behind and decorating their tree two weeks before Christmas. Giving their daughter a new ornament on Thanksgiving Day then trimming the tree the day after was a tradition Fiona started when Emma Grace was born. Unfortunately, the auction didn’t end until the day and Fiona refused to decorate the tree without it which delayed all tree trimming efforts until today. His poor mate didn’t like having her schedule thrown off, but they’d made it through.

They’d kept her spirits up by decorating the ranch the weekend after Thanksgiving like she wanted so they wouldn’t risk pissing off the townsfolk. He’d enlisted the help of the pack cubs to help her decorate the common areas. The kids thought Fiona’s system was a little crazy, but there were good sports about it.

Yesterday, the guard at the gate had called, as planned, and given him and Cade a heads-up that Rob, their local FedEx driver was on his way up to the house. They met Rob at the door and called for their pixie. Their social butterfly came running when she heard someone was there to see her. When Rob asked if she was the Ms. Emma Grace Creed, she nodded with wide eager eyes and said, “You know my name, Mr. Rob.”

Rob sent her a good-natured grin then leaned in and whispered, “I have these instructions here and they said I had to ask if you were you or I would be in trouble.” He cleared his throat and went through the whole spiel. Emma Grace squealed with delight when he told her he had a special delivery just for her. Rob helped her sign her name on his handheld device before handing her the package. Declan had never seen her or Fiona so excited.

Fiona rubbed her back. She’d been doing that off and on lately and it made Declan worry. She was doing too much. He knew that, but his mate was like a little whirlwind when she got going. Nothing short of tying her to a chair would contain her. If he thought he’d survive with his balls intact, Declan would have tried it just to test the theory.

“Hunter called. He and Alan won’t make it back for Christmas.”

Cade winced. “Emma Grace isn’t going to be happy.”

“I know.” He hated any situation that put a frown on his little girl’s face, but the situation couldn’t be helped. Hunter and Alan had personal business they had to see to. His friends needed answers about their mother so they could put the past behind them once and for all. “Hunter said they’d call her tonight and explain. Emma Grace will understand.”

His brother grinned. “Yeah. She’ll worry though. She loves those two giants.”

Declan chuckled. “All the little cubs do.” It never ceased to amaze and amuse him when he witnessed a cub climbing one of the large imposing men like a tree.

“I know right?” Cade’s expression grew thoughtful. “I hope at least one of their leads pans out. Answers and closure is the only way they’ll be able to move forward. They can’t live in limbo forever. They deserve a family. They’d make excellent fathers.”

“I have faith it will happen, brother. The Fates work in their own time.”

Cade grunted. “Truth.” They watched Fiona in silence. Both of them basking in the happiness that radiated off their mate. “Emma Grace is still trying to figure out what’s in that big wrapped box Hunter and Alan dropped off before they left. Her guesses are getting a little crazy.” Cade glanced at him. “Did you hear her prediction this morning?”

“No?” Judging by the amusement playing across his brother’s face he’d say it was a doozy.

“A dog cage with a puppy inside.”

Declan snickered. “Are you serious?” Cade nodded. “Your response was…?” He knew his brother too well for it not to have been a good one.

“I told her I hoped not, because a decaying puppy would be a really bad and extremely smelly Christmas present. She thought about that for a few minutes. Then she informed me her guess couldn’t be right. It wasn’t a puppy because he had no place to go to the bathroom.” Cade shook his head. “The fact it would have been trapped in a box with no air, basically buried alive didn’t register. Peeing and shitting where it ate and slept? That’s the variable that didn’t make sense.”

“Ah, the innocence of youth,” he joked. Declan hoped she possessed that innocence for at least another decade.

Cade turned to face him, shot a quick look at their girls, then leaned in. “I actually came up here for a reason other than to ogle our mate,” he muttered. “I saw Traynor down by the gate with a couple of hands when I pulled in. He told me two strands of bulbs went out on the gate as well as one on the guard house.”

Declan’s muscles tensed and dread knotted his stomach. “Shit.” His head whipped around in their mate’s direction. “That’s not good.”
Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.