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Healing Cathy
© 2015 Kasey Belle All Rights Reserved.
Adult Excerpt​

For adults 18 and older. If you are under 18 please exit this page.
Contains adult language and situations some may find offensive. 

Paul chastised himself for being a pig.  He had claimed her several times last night and knew she must be sore.  However, he couldn’t stop himself from taking her again, especially after what she did to him in the shower.  If her racing pulse and scent of her arousal was any indication, she didn’t want him to stop either.  He stepped in between her legs, ran his hands up her inner thighs to her bare pussy.  He had no trouble slipping a finger into her core, filling her.  He watched his finger, coated with her arousal, move in and out of her.  Fucking gorgeous.  Her head fell back on her shoulders. Paul shifted Cathy forward until her luscious ass was lined up with the edge of the counter. His cock was ready to explode and his mate was more than ready for him.  His finger could attest to that.
He added a second finger, filling her even more, drawing out her juices, coating his palm.

“More,” she breathed, tilting her head to look at him.  Her eyes were glazed over with passion. “Please.  Now, please,” she begged.
He placed the pad of his thumb on the swollen nub of her clit and held her tightly with his other arm when her hips bucked off the counter. “Oh, my God.”

One touch to her clit and she came.  She was so fucking responsive to his touch.  Her vaginal muscles clamped around his fingers.  He continued to pump them into her, prolonging her orgasm. He couldn’t stand it anymore.  He had to feel those tiny muscles working his dick before he went out of his mind.  He withdrew his fingers, grasped the base of his cock, guiding it to her slick folds, and watched the thick purple head disappear into her wet, and oh-so-fucking-tight pussy. She groaned as he took possession of her body.  He wished she was ovulating.  An uncontrollable need to impregnate her seized him at the thought of making a cub with her. The image of her growing round with his child had him wanting to shoot his load. Paul thrust into her, catching her screams with his kiss.  He held still and waited for her to adjust to his penetration.

“That’s it, kitten. All of me, inside of you, always.” He felt as if he were two seconds away from his head blowing off, okay both heads, big and little.  He stayed motionless, waiting for her to let him know she was ready.  He would not hurt her to satisfy his own need.

 When she wiggled against him, urging him to move, he nearly wept with joy.  She moaned, “Please.”

He withdrew and slammed back home. “Aw fuck, kitten.  You feel so goddamned good.”  He panted and tried to hold off his orgasm, an all but impossible task when she was gripping him like a vice.  Fuck it.  “This is going to be fast and furious.  The things you do to me.”

“Yes, yes.  Fuck me hard and fast.  You won’t hurt me I swear.  I need to feel you, please Paul.”

He buried his face against her neck and shoulder.  His mouth watering in anticipation of tasting her blood again.  His canines dropped as he slammed into her pussy again and again.  Her cries filled the tiny room.  She dug her nails into his ass, he groaned, and nearly came.  He opened his mouth where her shoulder met her neck and pressed long, sharpened incisors against the soft, tender skin, and bit down piercing her flesh once again.  With one last thrust, he buried himself to the hilt inside her and coated her womb his seed.
 His wolf howled in joy as he claimed her once more with his teeth and his cock, marking her with his bite and his seed.  Her cunt clamped down on him, she threw her head back, and screamed his name as she came.

They stayed there wrapped in each other’s arms, breathing heavily, as they both tried to calm their racing hearts.  
“Are you alright, mate?”

“Wow,” she breathed in response.

He chuckled against her neck.  He licked the mark, using the healing properties in his saliva to close the wounds.  “Yes, wow.”
Love is love. All forms are beautiful.