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An Unexpected Triad
Adult Excerpt​

For adults 18 and older. If you are under 18 please exit this page.
Contains adult language and situations some may find offensive. 

© 2015 Kasey Belle All Rights Reserved.
Jen submerged herself in the water and swam toward grotto opening coming up on the other side. As soon as her head broke the surface, the cave lit up by what had to be a thousand tiny twinkling LED lights. She glanced around and spotted the motion detector in the ceiling surrounding. Jets began to churn the water and light at the bottom of the pool changed color. Wow. It was absolutely beautiful. There was a concrete pad at the back of the grotto that held a platform king size bed covered in pillows and soft bedding.

Before she had a chance to take a closer look at the hedonist delight, Kell and Gunnar emerged smiling from the water in front of her. How they managed to remove all their clothing and get to her so quickly she had no idea, but she assumed getting naked at Superman speed was a shifter thing. It was damn sexy, and she wanted them―now. Their eyes glowed as their beasts surfaced. Kell’s were amber and Gunnar’s blue. They backed her against the wall of the pool.

“So. You think I’m going to let you have your wicked way with me?”

“You're naked,” Kell pointed out the obvious.

“Because I’m skinny dipping,” She shot him a placating smile. “I don’t remember mentioning sex.”

Their faces fell and she couldn’t contain the laughter from spilling from her. They were so easy and she was so incredibly happy.

Kell green eyes held wicked promises as he leaned in and claimed her lips gently, then slowly increased the pressure of his lips against hers. He licked at the seam of her mouth with his tongue and groaned when she opened to him immediately. She sucked on his tongue with pulsing motions that she knew drove him wild. Pulling away from her, he licked his lips and growled. His green eyes flashed amber once again as his wolf fought to break free, but sight didn’t scare her. She knew who was in charge and it was sexy as fuck.

“Will you let us pleasure you?” Kell ran the tip of his finger over her collar bone. “No sex. No mating. Just us, showing you how much we treasure you.”

Was there a sane woman who would turn down an offer like that? Nope. “Okay,” she replied in a breathy whisper.

Gunnar used his hands to hoist himself out of the water. He stood on the side and held out his hand. Jennifer took it and he easily lifted her out of the water. If she were a southern belle, she’d have swooned.

Gunnar led her over to the bed and whipped the covers off tossing them on the lounge chair in the corner. He unfolded a large bath sheet and placed it on the mattress. “Lay on your back, love.”

Kell joined them carrying towels in his hands. He wrapped one around his waist and tossed the other to Gunnar. They quickly dried their skin as they stared down at her naked body.

“Are you waiting on something? You guys have to say or do something.” Jennifer frowned.

“Sorry, love. It’s just that you are magnificent, we’re speechless.”

Kell climbed onto the bed and laid down beside her. He was on his side, his head resting in his hand as he gazed at her. He leaned in and nuzzled her neck, rubbing her abdomen with his extremely large and calloused hand. A sexy growl rumbled in his chest. The sound making her even more wet and needy. Jennifer may not be ready for them to claim her, but she definitely wanted them.
Wanted to touch and be touched. She’d never felt so loved or cherished or horny, and they hadn’t really done anything yet.

Kell pulled back and gazed into her eyes as he ran his fingers through her wet hair. His eyes were glowing swirls of amber once again.
“I can smell your need, mate. It matches our own. Are you sure?”

Jennifer nodded.

“At any time you want us to stop, just say so. Okay?”

She nodded again.

“Good. We’re going to give you pleasure above your wildest imagination.”

“Can’t wait,” she quipped.

Kell grinned and began licking and nibbling at her neck and jaw. “Give me your mouth, mate.”

Gunnar laid on his stomach between her thighs, his wide shoulders opening her to him. He used the tip of his finger to slide through her juices already leaking from her ready cunt. He buried his nose in her mound and inhaled. “By the fates you smell delicious, mate. I want to touch, lick, and taste your delectable body, love. Let’s see if you taste as sweet as you smell.”

Gunnar’s tongue took a slow leisurely swipe from her hole to her clit. He flicked her nub with his tongue and her pussy tremored.

God, she was going to come already, and he was just getting started. He slowly pushed his finger into her. It felt so fucking good. Her walls gripped his finger.

Kell licked and nibbled his way to her breasts. Her nipples hardened into peaks. He licked the underside of her breast, but not where she wanted his mouth the most. He used his hand on her other breast. His finger and thumb pinching her nipple. The constant stimulation caused her clit to tingle as if they were connected. Finally, when Jen thought she would lose her mind, Kell put his mouth over her nipple and then sucked it to the roof of his mouth. She cried out at the pleasure teetering on the edge of pain.

Gunnar moved his finger in and out then pulled it from her causing her to growl in protest. However, her disappointment didn’t last long when he replaced one finger with two. He curled his fingers inside of her and brushed them along her sweet spot deep inside her core. Kell pinched and pulled on her nipple at the same time. He bit down lightly on the one in his mouth. As if choreographed, Gunnar took her clit between his lips and battered it with his tongue. He sawed his fingers in and out and she flew over the edge. She screamed and moaned as she came, finally begging Gunnar to stop when he continued to feast on her.

He peered up from between her legs his mouth slick with her juices. “You are sweet. You taste like sunshine. I could feast on you for hours, love. Your cunt spilling cream for me is hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Give us one more.” He didn’t wait for her response. Both of them used their fingers and mouths and quickly brought her to a second orgasm before finally bringing her down. Her legs fell open against the bed and Gunnar ran his hands up and down the insides of her thighs massaging her tired muscles. Her body felt completely relaxed, her muscles limp. She was completely sated.

Taking his fingers from her body, Gunnar laid down on her other side. He met her eyes and brought his slicked fingers to his mouth and sucked her juices from them. Her breath hitched. Fuck that was hot.

Kell smirked as if reading her mind, then ran his finger through her wetness and did the same. Moaning as he licked his fingers clean. Jennifer watched them in silence, awed and aroused at the erotic act of them sharing her.
Love is love. All forms are beautiful.